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Title: Of Sea and Stone

Author: Kate Avery Ellison

Stars: 4

Age rating: 14+

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Romance

Pages: 260

Name of series : Secrets of Itlantis

Number of books: 5 (Of Sea and Stone, By Sun and Saltwater, With Tide and Tempest, For Wreck and Remnant, In Dawn and Darkness)

Novella: none

Book release: In Dawn and Darkness (September 15, 2015)

Other series by this author: The Frost Chronicles, The Season of Lightning, A Gift of Poison, The Curse Girl, Once Upon a Beanstalk

Positive review: This book is absolutely inspiring. Even when there is no hope left for Aemi, her fire doesn't die.

Negative review: I wish the books were longer, then the fun would have lasted

Overall review: This is a series you should read if you want to have something to do on a weekend. Especially if you want it done before the week starts so you won't have to worry about finishing it.

Summary: My name is Aemi. That means Sea-Born in the Old-tongue. I am thrall, but that is just a nicer word for slave. From the time I can remember, I have always been a slave in the Village of the Rocks.

One day, I'll be free. One day, I'll leave the island. But leaving the island, might be worse then staying.

There was fire and shadows, screaming and silence, death and chains, monsters and me.

I was the only female captured, maybe the only left alive from the village. Nol was taken, my master, my enemy, and even bound, he threw insults upon me. But surprises can come like a breath of air in the water.

Friends can come in many forms, and so can monsters.

A slave again, even the water of the deep couldn't put out my fire.

Chains come with different anchors, it's just a choice of what chains make you drown.

*Originally published on 29 August 2015 to http://teenbookwormreviews.over-blog.com/*

Of Sea and Stone (by Kate Avery Ellison)
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