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Title: Rave Master (also known as The Groove Adventure Rave)

Author: Mashima Hiro

Artist: Mashima Hiro

English Publisher: Kondansha

Where I Read the Series: Manga Reader (app)

Genre: Japanese Manga, Fantasy Adventure, Comedy

Status: Completed

Demographic: Shounen (or Shonen)

Age Rating: 14+

Stars: 4

Volumes: 35

Chapters: 296

Other Manga by This Author: Fairy Tail, Monster Hunter Orage, Monster Soul, Tale of Fairy Ice Trail

Positive Review: I loved watching the characters grow up, especially seeing how the artist's creations evolved over time. The plot was easy to follow and I never became confused or lost while reading; it all flowed nicely. The captions matched the images so there wasn't ever a conversation that didn't connect to the depiction.

Negative Review: I can't read Japanese, so I read the English translation, and I know the translators are doing their best, but there were spelling and grammatical errors. But the mistakes would differ depending on where you read it. Reading it paperback would most likely decrease the odds of mistakes, while an app or website may have less editing priorities and therefore may have blank speech bubbles and other slip-ups.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this to others, especially people just starting out with manga. It does seem long, being almost 300 chapters, but remember, the pages are mostly filled with images, not text. Since it's completed, there's no wait for the next volume or end to the story, and it's long enough that you won't just sit down and finish it right then and there, but can work your way through it slowly, get to know the characters a bit better. In the future, I would certainly like to read it again.

Summary: Haru Glory is a standard teenage boy from Garage Island. Gale Glory, Haru's father, left when Haru was small, leaving behind his wife, daughter, and son. Later, Haru's mother passes, leaving Haru and his sister alone. Shiba Roses visits Garage Island and finds Haru, their strange encounter is the beginning of an epic tale. Discovering Haru is the second Rave Master, Shiba gives him the Rave Sword, the Ten Commandments, a sword that utilizes the power of Rave, and sends him on a quest to collect all the Rave Stones and defeat Demon Card. On the way, Haru runs into Elie, a gril with no memories but deadly with her Tonfa Blasters. The two continue their journey, meeting more friends on the way, and fight desperately for their world's future. But with Demon Card in possession of the deadly Dark Brings, magic weapons that make even Haru's Rave Sword seem powerless, the enemy appears ever greater. Their only hope may lie in Elie's memories, but Etherion is nothing to play with, and maybe she is better off dead.

*Originally published on 24 April 2017 to http://teenbookwormreviews.over-blog.com/ *

Rave Master (by Mashima Hiro)
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