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Title: Sunder

Author: AE Watson

Genre: Supernatural Romance

Stars: 3

Age rating: 15+

Pages: 300

Name of series: Sunder

Books in series: Sunder


Release dates:

Other books/series by this author: Born (The Born Trilogy), In the Fading Light, Imaginations, The Seventh Day, If At First (Crimson Cove Mysteries), White Girl Problems, Vengeance (The Blood Trail Chronicles), The Lonely, The Light of The World (The Light series), All the Days That End With Y, Sinderella, Blood and Bone (Blood and Bone series), The End of Me (The Single Lady series), Self Publishing: My Rules to Staying Alive and Making Money

Positive review: I liked the idea that went into the creation of the book.

Negative review: It took me 2 days to finish this book. 2 days.

Overall review: Other books by this author are good, but this one..... I don't know. I didn't find it very interesting. It wasn't compelling enough to finish it in one sitting. I don't recommend it, but I don't hate it either.

Summary: My name is Liv, Liv Daniels. That's short for Olive. I have a secret, a secret so secret, that not even I know what it is. But everyone in this town has a secret. Some are just bigger than others.

When you've been destined to find your soulmate, then you'll find your soulmate. Even if it does take a thousand years.

*Originally published on 05 October 2015 to http://teenbookwormreviews.over-blog.com/*

Sunder (by AE Watson)
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