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Title: The Season of Lightning

Author: Kate Avery Ellison

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Stars: 4

Age rating: 14+

Pages: 321

Name of series: The Season of Lightning

Books in series: The Season of Lightning


Release dates:

Other books by this author: A Gift of Poison, The Frost Chronicles, Of Sea and Stone, The Curse Girl, Once Upon a Beanstalk

Positive review: This is a really good book of courage and sacrifice.

Negative review: I would have had Verity fall in love with someone else.

Overall review: I've almost read all of Ellison's books and I can't wait to finish the rest!

Summary: How evil is the Hawk, when he fights for what's right? He fights to free the Silvras, the Tyrros. How wrong can that be? Wrong to the plantation owners. Wrong for the wealthy. Wrong to everybody except the Silvras.

My name is Verity Elysius. I am the only daughter of a famous, retired general. I've been raised in wealth and shown respect; from everyone except Ross. He is insufferable and handsome. The 2 don't mix.

But women aren't supposed to learn. We aren't supposed to think. We are a delicate species, to be handled with care.

I have to prove that I'm strong. I'll do the work. I'll fight the fight.

My name is Verity Elysius, and I am strong.

*Originally published on 5 September 2015 to http://teenbookwormreviews.over-blog.com/*

The Season of Ligtning (by Kate Avery Ellison)
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