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Title: Kamisama Kiss

Author: Julietta Suzuki

Illustrator: Julietta Suzuki

Other Works by This Author: Hoshi no Naru hi, Karakuri Odette, Akuma to Dolce

Genre: Supernatural Romance Manga, Shoujo

Medium: Manga Rock (app)

Chapters: 179

Age Rating: 14+

Stars: 5

Positive Review: This is my favorite manga. The storyline was amazing. I loved the elements of foreshadowing and how things connected. It was more than a light read, and not just because of its length, but because of how engaged I was in reading. I fell in love with all the characters. I could really see how much thought and effort the author put into the story. There were layers, and as more things were revealed, I fell deeper and deeper into that world. 


Negative Review: I would have liked to know how the characters besides Tomoe and Nanami ended up. Did everyone get a happy ending? I also read this translated, but with manga, I can easily speed-read, so grammatical/translation errors don't stand out as much.


Overall Review: I don’t think I would recommend this as a first read to someone trying manga for the first time, as I find people seem to prefer more action-packed manga to start with. This does have action, though, and it has a really sweet romance. It's a really popular manga, and it's even become an anime, I actually watched the anime first before reading it. I definitely recommend this manga. 


Kamisama Kiss (by Julietta Suzuki)
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