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Title: Striking Romance

Author: Lindsey Brooks

About the Author: Lindsey Brooks is a former ESL high school teacher.  

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Series: New York Rebel Girls (Book I)

Medium: ARC, an e-book on iPhone

No. of Pages: 681

Original Publishing Year: 2019

Genre: Historical Romance

Age Rating: 18+, sexual content

Stars: 3.5/5

Positive Review: I thought the writing style flowed smoothly and was easy to follow. Events were well detailed but not overly explained, and I was happy with the amount of visual imagery given. The description of pizza was so well written, I actually became hungry while reading. There was also plenty of kinesthetic imagery. The mood was well set up and kept me engaged. I was invested in the characters and their story. 

Negative Review: There were a few grammatical errors, but as I did have an ARC, before it was officially published, these mistakes could be glossed over. The diction at times seemed a bit grandiloquent, when a simpler term would have sufficed and better enhanced the flow of the writing. I didn't see the purpose of the dates at the beginning of each chapter. I originally thought maybe they were counting down to something, or maybe they were just to help the reader mark the pass of time. I would have liked to see the characters' internal reflections to be italicized, to emphasize that they are thinking.

Overall Review: I enjoyed the changing POV between Sarah and Cliff, although there were times when I couldn't discern who was speaking at first.  I really liked the character development of Cliff and Sarah, as well as some of the supporting characters. While I did enjoy the passionate romance, I wish it could have been more real. I thought Cliff and Sarah moved too quickly in their relationship, but I suppose it is a fictional novel. They seemed too intimate and trusting of each other after only a few encounters. It was as though they were privy to each other's thoughts, when that insight was given only to the reader (through the third-person omniscient narrative). I was hardly bored while reading, being invested in the characters. The plot was also presented well and flowed nicely with moments of action that really had me engaged in the story. I liked this novel, and I think I'll definitely check out the second book.

Summary: He sees her leading a labor rally and can't look away...

Sarah Fischer has never relied on anyone but herself. Her father pulled her out of school at thirteen to support her family by working in a shirtwaist factory. More than ten years of exploitation has taught her this: No one is coming to her rescue. If she wants labor reform, she's going to have to organize it herself. She begins a general shirtwaist strike and is determined to see it through no matter the risks. 

She sees a member of the government who has long ignored her plight...

Clifton Stokes is the Mayor's chief of staff and Tammany Hall's rising political star. As long as he stays on Tammany Hall's good side, he may have a shot at being mayor himself. Getting involved with a Jewish labor organizer is the worst thing Cliff could do for his career, but the magnetic attraction between them is impossible to resist. 

No good can come from their association...

When Tammany Hall learns of Cliff's infatuation, they give him a choice: Convince Sarah to end the strike or watch her suffer the consequences. Cliff sets out to protect her but first he will have to earn her trust. Can he seduce her to distraction or will she reform his heart? 

Quote(s) I Liked: "Never surrender your individuality to the pressure of conformity."


*This novel was an ARC I chose to review. The summary is from the author. Information on the author from "About the Author" in back of book.

Striking Romance (Lindsey Brooks)
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