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Title: Bone Gap

Author: Laura Ruby

Genre: Modern Fiction

Age Rating: 16+

Stars: 3

Pages: 345

Series: Not a series

Other Books by this Author: Lily's Ghosts, The Chaos King, The Wall and the Wing, Good Girls

Positive Review: I loved the writing style and the imagery the author used, it was easy to picture the setting in my head. The characters were well developed, as was the story line. The ending was not a cliff hanger and the story was completed with a happy ending.

Negative Review: Although the plot developed nicely, I had difficulty following what was going on at times. The story was a bit weird, but I was fine with it until it got near the end and everything became odd and hard to follow, leaving me with questions about what happened. I wish some parts and characters were explained better, not just in imagery, but in descriptive detail so I could know why things happened.

Overall Review: It was a good read with an interesting plot, and although I may not have enjoyed the story too much, some people would definitely like the novel as it is well written.

Summary: Everyone knows there are gaps in Bone Gap. A beautiful girl shows up, and a beautiful girl disappears. Roza has always attracted men with her beauty, but not always the nicest ones. When she is kidnapped, Finn is the only witness, and no one believes him. His strangeness leaves people questioning whether he really saw what he saw, or if Roza just up and left just like she came. Following the stories of Finn, Roza, and the people of Bone Gap, acclaimed author Laura Ruby tells a tale of how seeing is not always believing.

*Originally published on 07 July 2017 to http://teenbookwormreviews.over-blog.com/ *

Bone Gap (by Laura Ruby)
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