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Title: Worlds Apart

Author: Katrina Stephens

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Status: In Progress

Medium: Wattpad

Chapters: 14

Stars: 3

Age Rating: 14+

Series: NA

Other Books by This Author: Through My Eyes series, Enslaved Till Death

Positive Review: My favorite character was Joshua Garland, I really liked his character development throughout the novel. I also liked Sarah Evans' personality and how outgoing and upbeat she was. The author was very descriptive in the actions of the characters and I could clearly picture what they were doing. The book has a good story line and is realistic, so the characters are relatable.

Negative Review: There were a few errors, mainly typos, but that is to be expected since the novel is still in the editing phase. The characters changed from first to third person, from "I" to "he/she," but it wasn't often and hardly noticeable. It needs a bit more mature syntax as some of the sentences were dragging, and I wish there was a bit more imagery so I could picture the setting more clearly.

Overall Review: I definitely want to reread the book when it has been completed and edited, I bet it will have at least a four star review. There are a few minor mistakes, but the overall idea and plot of the story is well thought out and easy to follow. I do love a good romance, especially one that's realistic like this one, where the characters' experiences don't come across as fake (i.e. Sarah has a relatable travel experience with a low budget for spending on frivolous things).

Summary: For many years now Sarah has been envious of her close friends and even her older brother who have traveled abroad and come home to tell their stories of their great adventures overseas. At age 23, Sarah knows that if she doesn't go now, she may never get the opportunity to travel again. So with nothing stopping her, Sarah plans a trip to the sunny shores of Los Angeles in search of adventure. With her dream destination in sight, she boards a plane crossing the great Pacific, not realizing just how hard it is to say goodbye.

*originally published on 09 May 2017 to http://teenbookwormreviews.over-blog.com/ *

Worlds Apart (by Katrina Stephens)
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